1972 Chevelle Suspension Kit: The Key to a Smooth Ride

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You love your 1972 Chevelle Suspension Kit, but let's face it - the handling and ride quality leaves a lot to be desired. Those old leaf spring suspensions were never meant for the roads of today. Every bump in the road jars your teeth and rattles your bones. Your classic muscle car deserves better. What she needs is an upgrade to modern suspension technology.

A new suspension kit can transform the way your Chevelle handles and rides. With adjustable coilover shocks and tubular control arms, you'll experience a smooth, controlled ride and confident cornering. Your Chevelle will handle like a modern sports car.

If you're ready to experience a whole new level of comfort and performance in your '72 Chevelle, a suspension upgrade kit has your name on it. The difference will amaze you - your classic ride never felt so good. Make this the year you give your Chevelle the gift of a silky smooth suspension. Your back and your smile will thank you for it.

Why Upgrade Your 1972 Chevelle's Suspension?

If your '72 Chevelle is riding rough and handling like a boat, it's time for a suspension upgrade. The stock suspension just doesn't cut it, leaving you bouncing down the road. Upgrading to modern components will transform the way your classic rides and handles.

For starters, new shocks and springs will give you a smooth, controlled ride. Go with gas shocks that can handle the weight of that big block under the hood. Lowering springs will drop your stance for a meaner look and less body roll in the corners.

You'll also want to upgrade the bushings, which are likely worn out after 50 years. Polyurethane or rubber bushings will tighten up your suspension and reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. They'll make your Chevelle handle like a performance car should.

Don't forget new sway bars for enhanced stability. Thicker front and rear bars will reduce body roll so you can carve up twisting roads. Upgraded control arms provide adjustable camber and caster for precision alignment.

With a fully revamped suspension, your Chevelle will ride lower, handle better, and feel like a whole new car. You'll have the confidence to really open it up on a fun stretch of back road. Other drivers won't know what hit them when this classic goes gliding by! A suspension kit has everything you need to make that happen. Why live with a rough, sloshy ride when you can have a suspension that lives up to your Chevelle's performance potential?

Top 3 Suspension Kits for 1972 Chevelles

When it comes to smoothing out your '72 Chevelle's ride, you have a few solid suspension kit options to consider:

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

For a premium upgrade without a hefty price tag, Bilstein shocks are a great choice. They provide firm, responsive handling and a comfortable ride. You'll get monotube shocks that stand up well to high performance driving. Install is straightforward for the DIYer with some experience. Overall, Bilstein shocks are an affordable way to majorly improve your Chevelle's suspension.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension Kit

Looking for a complete suspension revamp? Hotchkis has you covered with their sport suspension kit. It includes sport shocks, front and rear sway bars, leaf springs, and control arms. This full kit tightens up handling, reduces body roll, and gives you a performance-inspired ride. It does require more advanced installation, so you'll probably need a pro mechanic's help. But for the 1972 Chevelle owner serious about suspension upgrades, it's the way to go.

QA1 Shock & Spring Kit

Another trusted brand, QA1 offers a shock and spring kit with double-adjustable shocks and progressive-rate springs. It delivers a customizable ride - you can adjust for comfort during long cruises or firm it up for tearing up the track. High-quality, durable components make this a kit that will transform your Chevelle's suspension for years to come. Installation requires intermediate mechanical skills, but for weekend warriors and pros alike, this shock and spring combo is a killer choice.

With options for every budget and skill level, you can't go wrong upgrading your '72 Chevelle's suspension. Smooth sailing ahead!

How to Install a New Suspension Kit on Your Classic Chevelle

Installing a new suspension kit on your classic Chevelle is key to improving its handling and ride quality. Here are the steps to upgrade your 1972 Chevelle's suspension From auto outlet parts

Remove the Existing Suspension

Jack up your Chevelle and place it securely on jack stands. Remove the wheels and disconnect the shock absorbers and leaf springs or coil springs. Take off the control arms and trailing arms. Remove the spindle and brake assembly. Finally, detach any remaining brackets or bushings.

Install New Control Arms

Bolt on the new upper and lower control arms in the front and the trailing arms in the rear. Tighten to the torque specs in your kit's instructions. The control arms connect the wheel spindles to the frame and determine wheel alignment, so proper installation is important.

Add Springs and Shocks

Install the new coil springs or leaf springs. Then attach the new shock absorbers. The shocks dampen vibrations from the springs and control ride motions. For the best handling, choose shocks matched to your new spring rate.

Reconnect Brakes and Axles

Remount the brake and spindle assembly, axles, and any remaining parts you removed. Double check that all fasteners are tightened to the recommended torque specs.

Final Details

Put the wheels back on, lower the car to the ground, and have the wheel alignment checked by a pro. Lastly, test drive your Chevelle to experience the difference. The new suspension kit should provide a smooth, controlled ride and sporty handling.