Why You Should Buy Brakes and Rotors Kit from Auto Outlet Parts

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So your brakes are squealing or grinding again, time for flipside expensive trip to the mechanic to replace your restriction pads and rotors right? Not so fast. Have you considered doing the work yourself with an aftermarket restriction kit? It may sound daunting, but replacing your own brakes and rotors is unquestionably pretty straightforward, plane for ventriloquist mechanics. And you can save a ton of money by purchasing a restriction kit from Auto Outlet Parts.


You've probably seen their ads with the tricky jingle and smiling mechanics. But overdue the low prices and jingle is a visitor that cares well-nigh getting you the parts you need to alimony your vehicle running safely and affordably. Their restriction kits come with everything you need - ceramic restriction pads, slotted and dimpled rotors, calipers, clips, and lubricant. No increasingly guessing which parts you need or making multiple trips to the parts store.

Why Buy Brakes and Rotors Kit From Auto Outlet Parts?

Auto Outlet Parts is your one-stop shop for high-quality yet affordable brakes and rotors kit. Here are a few reasons why you should buy from them:

  • Unbeatable prices. Auto Outlet Parts leverages their zillion ownership power to offer brakes and rotors kit at the lowest pices around. You'll save at least 30-50% off retail prices.


  • Premium brands. They siphon top brands like Bosch, Wagner, Asbestos, and Centric so you know you're getting parts that meet or exceed OE standards.


  • Easy to install. The kits come with everything you need for a well-constructed restriction job in one box - rotors, pads, hardware and lubricant. All parts are pre-measured and ready to install right out of the box.


  • Fast shipping. Orders over $75 ship for self-ruling within 1 merchant day so you can get your brakes stock-still fast. They moreover offer same-day shipping if you order surpassing 3 pm EST.


  • Lifetime warranty. Auto Outlet Parts backs all their restriction parts with a lifetime warranty versus defects in materials and workmanship. If there's overly an issue, they'll replace the parts self-ruling of charge.


  • Expert support. Their restriction specialists are misogynist via phone or yack to walk you through the installation process step-by-step. They can moreover squint up parts for your specific vehicle to ensure you get exactly what you need for a unscratched repair.


Overall, Auto Outlet Parts is your trusted source for high-performance brakes and rotors at unbeatable prices. Why pay increasingly when you can get premium parts and service for less? Make them your one-stop shop for all your restriction needs.

Top Brakes and Rotors Kit at Auto Outlet Parts

Looking for high-quality brakes and rotors without the upper price tag? Auto Outlet Parts has you covered. They offer some of the weightier brakes and rotors kit at affordable prices.

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Restriction Kits

For a restriction kit that provides serious stopping power, trammels out the Power Stop Z23 Evolution kit. It comes with drilled and slotted rotors that provide maximum heat dissipation withal with ceramic restriction pads for superior braking. The kit fits most popular vehicles like the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Ram. At under $200, this kit gives you a lot of zinger for your buck.

EBC Brakes Stage 3 Truck and SUV Restriction Kit

If you momentum a larger vehicle, the EBC Brakes Stage 3 kit is a unconfined choice. It’s specially designed for trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s. The kit includes high-carbon rotors that resist warping and high-friction restriction pads for shorter stopping distances. For well-nigh $250, this heavy-duty kit will requite you peace of mind that you'll be worldly-wise to stop safely in any situation.

Auto Outlet Parts' House Trademark Premium Restriction Kits

For vital replacement restriction kits at budget-friendly prices, trammels out Auto Outlet Parts' own brand. Their premium kits start at virtually $75 and include standard OE-spec or upgraded rotors and semi-metallic restriction pads that provide solid stopping performance for normal driving. While not the highest performance, these kits get the job washed-up for a fraction of the forfeit of name brands.

So no need to pay dealership prices for new brakes and rotors. At Auto Outlet Parts, you’ll find high-quality kits to suit any need or budget. Your braking system is too important to neglect, so trammels them out today!

How to Install Brakes and Rotors Kit Yourself

Installing new brakes and rotors yourself can save you a lot of money versus paying a mechanic. If you have some vital tools and patience, you can replace your brakes and rotors in your own garage.

Gather Your Supplies

You'll need a lug wrench, socket set, C-clamp, restriction cleaner, new restriction pads, rotors, and caliper grease. Don't forget safety gear like gloves, eyewear and old clothes.

Loosen the Lugs

Loosen the lug nuts on your wheels surpassing jacking up the car, but do not remove them yet. This makes it easier to remove the wheels once the car is raised.

Raise and Remove Wheels

Raise the car with a jack and place jack stands under the frame. Remove the wheels.

Remove Calipers

Locate the calipers - they squeeze the restriction pads versus the rotors. Loosen the bolts that hold the calipers in place, and then remove the calipers, pads, and rotors.

Install New Rotors

Install the new rotors and hand-tighten a couple lug nuts to hold them in place. Apply caliper grease to the caliper bolts and reinstall the calipers.

Install and Adjust Pads

Put the new pads into place in the calipers. Use the C-clamp to push the caliper pistons when into place. This gives you space to fit the new, thicker pads. Tighten the caliper bolts.

Reinstall Wheels and Test

Put the wheels when on and hand-tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car to the ground. Tighten the lug nuts in a star or crises-cross pattern with the lug wrench. Pump the restriction pedal a few times to restore restriction line pressure. Take a test momentum to ensure your new brakes and rotors are working properly surpassing warlike driving.

Performing your own restriction job can be satisfying and save money. Follow all safety precautions and take your time. If at any point you finger over your head, don't hesitate to undesirability a mechanic. Your brakes are too important to risk doing incorrectly!