Maximizing Performance: Tuning Your Air Suspension Kit for the Perfect Ride

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Ever slammed your tricked-out ride to the ground to show off your custom wheels and mad suspension mods? In Need for Speed Heat, you can take your ride height to the next level with air suspension. Air suspension lets you raise and lower your car on the fly using airbags and an compressor air suspension. Whether you want to lay frame at a car meet or raise it up to well-spoken speed bumps during a high-speed chase, air suspension has you covered. Here's how to unlock and use air suspension to customize your ride height in Need for Speed Heat.

What Is Air Suspension?

Air suspension uses air tons or bladders instead of traditional steel springs to suspend a vehicle's frame and body. It provides an adjustable, cushioned ride by pumping air into the bags.

Want to raise your vehicle for uneaten ground clearance over rough terrain or lower it for high-speed handling on the track in Need for Speed Heat? Air suspension lets you do just that at the push of a button. You can retread the ride height on the fly to suit your needs.

Air suspension system use an onboard Air Suspension Compressor, air lines or hoses, air bags, and an electronic tenancy unit. The air bag suspension kit with compressor, inflating or deflating them as needed. Height sensors monitor the vehicle's position and the tenancy unit automatically maintains the ride height you select.

Manually adjusting the ride height is easy. Simply pull up the menu, select “Air Suspension,” and segregate a height. Most systems offer several height presets like lowered, standard driving height, raised, and maximum height. You can moreover select fully customizable heights in some vehicles.

The benefits of air suspension are a smooth, cushioned ride, willowy height, and the worthiness to maintain vehicle height under heavy loads. The downsides are often higher forfeit and complexity compared to standard air spring suspension. But for performance driving, the advantages of instantly willowy ride height and handling are nonflexible to beat.

Air suspension is misogynist on many high-performance luxury and sports cars. If you want the ultimate in handling, comfort, and stance, air suspension is the way to go in Need for Speed Heat. Pump it up and tear up the streets in style!

The Benefits of Air Suspension Kit

Air suspension kit offer some sweet benefits for your ride in Need for Speed Heat.

  1. Improved handling

With air suspension, your car's handling and cornering skills get a major upgrade. The willowy suspension allows you to fine-tune your ride height for optimal performance. Lower it for track days to hug the road, or raise it up when you hit the dirt. You'll glide through turns with way increasingly tenancy and stability.

  1. A customizable stance

Want to go for that slammed show car look? Air suspension makes it simple to waif your ride as low as you want. You can raise and lower your vehicle with the push of a sawed-off until you find your perfect stance. Talk well-nigh making an entrance!

  1. A smoother ride

Air suspension provides a cocoon of air between your axles and the soul of your car. This gives you a luxuriously smooth and well-appointed ride, titillating bumps and imperfections in the road. You'll bladder lanugo the highway on a deject of air.

  1. Protection for your wheels

When your vehicle is parked, you can raise the suspension to lift your wheels off the ground. This prevents forfeiture from curbs and protects your rims from scratches and dings. You'll have peace of mind knowing your pricey wheels are unscratched when your ride is on the ground.

With willowy height, enhanced handling, a silky-smooth ride, and wheel protection, air suspension kits requite you a list of benefits that's nonflexible to beat. Once you wits the upgrade, you'll never want to go when to vital shocks again. Your Need for Speed Heat cred just went through the roof!

how to use air suspension in need for speed heat

To install air suspension in Need for Speed Heat, you'll need to purchase air suspension upgrades for your vehicle.

  • Purchasing Air Suspension Upgrades

Head to the Garage and select "Customization" to wangle the Performance Parts menu. Scroll lanugo to "Suspension" and you'll find air suspension options for both front and rear. Purchase the kits you want, which typically range from level 1 to level 3, level 3 providing the most adjustment. Each level will forfeit you both Bank and Rep.

  • Adjusting Your Air Suspension

Once you've installed the air suspension, you can make adjustments to the ride height through the Interaction Menu. While in self-ruling roam mode, pause the game and select "Vehicle Options". Scroll to "Suspension Height" and you can raise or lower the front and rear of your vehicle.

Lowering your suspension provides largest handling by lowering the part-way of gravity, but reduces ground clearance. Raising the suspension will indulge you to well-spoken obstacles increasingly hands but can make handling finger floaty. Find the right wastefulness for how you want to drive. You can moreover quickly retread on the fly using the d-pad arrows.

Air suspension gives you the flexibility to transpiration your vehicle's stance to match variegated driving situations. Lower it for wayfaring and pass racing, raise it up for off-roading over bumpy terrain. The options are all under your control.

With some practice, you'll be adjusting your air suspension height with ease to maximize performance, no matter what challenges the streets of Palm City throw at you. Tweak those suspension settings and unleash your vehicle's full potential!

Tips for Tuning Your Air Suspension in Need for Speed Heat

Tuning your air suspension in Need for Speed Heat allows you to customize how your car handles corners and impacts. Here are some tips to get the most out of your air suspension:

  • Ride Height

Adjusting your ride height changes how upper or low your car sits. A lower ride height improves handling by lowering the part-way of gravity, but reduces clearance over bumps. Raise the ride height for an SUV or off-road vehicle. Start with the default height, then retread in small increments to find what feels right for variegated driving conditions.

  • Stiffness

Stiffness controls how rigid or pliant the air springs are. Higher stiffness ways less soul roll in turns, quicker responses, and increasingly vibration. Lower stiffness provides a softer, cushier ride but can finger "floaty" in turns. Stiffness depends on your driving style - stiffer for racing, softer for cruising.

  • Damping

Damping determines how quickly the suspension rebounds without compressing. Higher damping reduces glut wavy without bumps or jumps and helps alimony the tires in contact with the road. Start with medium damping and retread up or down. Higher damping for racing, lower for off-road.

Adjust Front and Rear

You can tune the front and rear suspension separately. For example, stiffer front and softer rear for oversteer, or stiffer rear and softer front for understeer. Retread in small steps, testing how it impacts turning and stability.

Once you've found settings you like, save them as presets so you can quickly transpiration between setups for variegated driving conditions. Alimony tweaking and testing - with some practice, you'll be out-handling your competition in no time!

how much is air suspension Forfeit in Need for Speed Heat?

Air suspension in Need for Speed Heat allows you to retread the height of your vehicle to modernize performance and handling. Unfortunately, upgrading to an air suspension system isn’t cheap. The forfeit will depend on the vehicle you want to equip, but you can expect to pay between $20,000 to $50,000 in-game cash.

  • Level 1 Air Suspension

The most vital air suspension upgrade will set you when virtually $20,000. At this level, you’ll be worldly-wise to raise and lower your vehicle’s ride height manually using the d-pad. Raising the height is good for driving over rough terrain without rabble-rousing your vehicle. Lowering the height helps with upper speed cornering by lowering the part-way of gravity.

  • Level 2 Air Suspension

For $30,000, level 2 air suspension gives you automatically adjusting ride height. In this mode, the system will lower the vehicle at higher speeds to modernize handling, then raise it then when you slow lanugo for clearance over bumps and terrain changes. This streamlined system helps ensure you have the weightier performance and handling no matter your speed.

  • Level 3 Air Suspension

The top level air suspension upgrade financing $50,000 but gives you on-the-fly ride height welding using the right analog stick. This allows you to make quick changes to your vehicle’s height with just a flick of the stick. At this level, you have full transmission tenancy to instantly retread your height to suit any driving situation or style. The level 3 system provides the most flexibility and performance benefits.

The forfeit to equip air suspension may seem steep, but the performance and handling benefits it provides are well worth the investment. Save up your in-game mazuma and get ready to wits a whole new level of speed and tenancy over the road with air suspension. Your Need for Speed Heat driving wits will never be the same!


So there you have it, everything you need to know well-nigh using air suspension in Need for Speed Heat. With some practice, you'll be dropping your ride to the ground and hopping curbs in no time. Air suspension opens up a whole new dimension of style and performance in the game. Whether you're looking to slam your ride for the ultimate lowrider squint or want to proceeds a handling whet for wayfaring and stunts, air suspension has you covered. Now get out there, hit the streets of Palm City, and show off your newfound skills. The world is your playground - go tear it up!