Suspension Parts: Get the Best for Your Ride

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How to Choose the Right Suspension Parts

When it's time to replace your suspension components, choosing high-quality parts that are right for your vehicle is crucial. Here's how to select the best shocks, struts, and springs:

  • Identify your vehicle's make, model, year and trim level. This ensures you get parts engineered specifically for your car. Check your owner's manual if unsure.
  • Decide if you want original equipment (OE) parts or affordable aftermarket alternatives. OE parts match what came on your vehicle originally while aftermarket brands offer comparable function.
  • Consider how you use your vehicle - daily driver, off-roading, towing/hauling, performance driving, etc. Choose heavy duty options if needed or sport-tuned for improved handling.
  • Check the condition of related components like bushings, tie rods and ball joints. It's smart to replace these too for proper suspension function.
  • For springs, know if you want stock ride height or an upgrade like a small lift or lower stance. Measure ride height first to determine needs.
  • Read reviews and ask experts for part recommendations based on your vehicle and needs. Quality brands to look for include KYB, Bilstein, Monroe, Eibach and Old Man Emu.

    Getting the right components dialed in makes a world of difference in how your vehicle handles, brakes, accelerates and carries loads. Investing in quality parts improves safety, performance and ride comfort. Our online store has all the top brands at great prices to lift, lower or upgrade your suspension system.

    Top Brands for Suspension Parts

    When it comes to suspension upgrades or repairs for your ride, using quality parts from leading manufacturers is key. Here are some of the top brands to look for:

    • KYB: Known for their shocks and struts, KYB is one of the world's largest suspension companies. They supply OEM parts to major automakers and also have an extensive aftermarket lineup. KYB products offer great performance at a reasonable price.
    • Bilstein: This German brand is revered by enthusiasts and pro drivers alike. Bilstein shocks and struts feature mono tube design and valving engineered for control and handling. Expect to pay more, but the performance is hard to beat.
    • Fox: The gold standard in high-performance off-road suspension. Fox shocks feature cutting-edge designs with position-sensitive damping. Popular on trucks, SUVs and UTVs for the ultimate in capability and comfort.
    • Eibach: When it comes to springs, Eibach sets the bar. They offer lowered sport springs, stock replacement springs, and lift kits for most popular models. Eibach Pro kits are precision-engineered with progressive spring rates.
    • Detroit Speed: If you're building a custom pro touring or restomod muscle car, Detroit Speed engineering is some of the best. They design and manufacture their own adjustable coilover suspension kits along with sway bars, subframes and more.

      Some other notable brands: Rancho, King, Icon, QA1, Hotchkis, Hellwig, Air Lift, Firestone, Monroe and more. The right suspension upgrades can transform the ride, handling and capability of your vehicle. Invest wisely!

      FAQs on Suspension Parts

      Why do suspension parts need replacing?

      • Over time, your suspension parts wear down from constant use and exposure to the elements
      • You'll notice more vibration, bouncing, pulling, uneven tire wear, and difficulty steering
      • Replacing worn parts restores ride comfort, handling, and safety

        What suspension parts typically need replacing?

        Some common parts that wear and may need periodic replacement:

        • Shock absorbers and struts - control bouncing and absorb vibration
        • Ball joints - connect control arms/knuckles to allow wheel movement
        • Tie rod ends - connect steering to wheels
        • Control arm bushings - cushion/pivot points reducing noise & vibration
        • Sway bar links - connect sway bar to suspension, reducing body roll

          Where is the best place to buy suspension parts?

          Quality and value matter when buying air ride suspension parts Consider:

          • Brand - stick with reputable brands known for quality
          • Warranties - longer warranties indicate confidence in part quality
          • Hardware - comes with all required hardware for install?
          • Price - affordable prices paired with good quality
          • Reviews - see what others say about fit and longevity
          • Our online store checks all the boxes!

            The bottom line? Investing in quality suspension components keeps your ride controlled, comfortable and safe while saving money over frequent replacements. Let our parts keep you rolling smoothly for years to come!