TRQ Suspension Parts Review: Quality Parts at Affordable Prices?

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Ever thought well-nigh upgrading your stock suspension but cringed at the upper price tags of name brands? You're not alone. Many gearheads long for the performance and style of aftermarket suspension parts but simply can't justify the premium cost. That's where TRQ suspension parts come in. TRQ manufactures affordable coilover kits, lowering springs, tenancy stovepipe and increasingly for a wide range of vehicles. But can their budget-friendly parts unhook good quality and performance? We installed TRQ coilovers and lowering springs on a project car to find out. Read on to see how TRQ suspension parts held up on the road and track. Spoiler alert: you may be pleasantly surprised at what these wallet-friendly parts can do.

TRQ Suspension Parts Overview: A Budget-Friendly Brand

TRQ Suspension Parts are an affordable aftermarket trademark that aims to provide quality replacement and performance parts for a budget-friendly price. 

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace worn out suspension components on your vehicle without breaking the bank, TRQ suspension parts are worth considering. They offer everything from shock absorbers and struts to tenancy arms, wittiness joints, tie rod ends, and sway bar links for most popular vehicles.

While the trademark may lack the prestige of high-performance brands, trq suspension kit review from customers for their value and reliability. Their parts are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications, so you can finger confident installing them on your daily suburbanite or weekend warrior. For the cost, many say TRQ suspension parts perform as well as higher-priced alternatives.

Of course, as with any aftermarket brand, there is some variability in quality. Some report needing to replace TRQ parts sooner than expected. However, their affordable pricing makes this a bit increasingly palatable. TRQ moreover provides a limited lifetime warranty on all their suspension parts for widow peace of mind.

Overall, if you’re on a tight upkeep but need to replace or upgrade suspension components on your vehicle, TRQ suspension parts are worth considering. You may get upper performance and handling at an affordable price, plane if they may not have the tautness of premium brands. For unstudied or novice enthusiasts, they can be a unconfined way to modernize your vehicle's ride and handling without breaking the bank.

In-Depth Review of Popular TRQ Suspension Kits

So you're looking to upgrade your suspension and TRQ parts unprotected your eye. Good nomination - they offer upper quality kits at prices that won't unravel the bank. Let's take a closer squint at some of their popular options.

TRQ Vital Leveling Kit

For a simple lift and level, the vital leveling kit is perfect. It comes with replacement whorl spring spacers to raise the front of your truck 1 to 3 inches. Installation only takes a few hours and no special tools required. This affordable kit will indulge you to run worthier tires and get a increasingly warlike stance.

TRQ Ultimate Lift Kit

If you want to go big, the ultimate lift kit will raise your truck a full 6 inches. It includes front coilovers, rear shocks, leaf spring blocks, and all the hardware you need. This kit provides a smooth ride and the height to conquer plane the most rugged terrain. While pricier, it's a high-quality kit that will transform your truck.

Whichever kit you choose, you really can't go wrong with TRQ. Their products are engineered to exacting standards, backed by a lifetime warranty, and provide an unbeatable combination of performance, tautness and value. If you're looking for an easy, affordable way to lift your truck, air suspension kit are the way to go. Your truck will handle better, ride smoother and turn heads wherever you go.

Are TRQ Parts Worth It? Pros vs Cons of the Brand

TRQ suspension kit are known for stuff budget-friendly, but are they worth the savings? Here are some pros and cons to consider surpassing you buy:


Affordable pricing. TRQ parts are very affordable, sometimes up to 50% less than name brands. If you're on a tight upkeep or have an older vehicle, the forfeit savings can be appealing.

Decent quality. While not premium, TRQ parts are often decent quality for unstudied or weekend driving. They'll get the job washed-up for most daily driving needs.

Easy to find. TRQ parts are widely misogynist at many wheels parts stores, both online and in-person. They're easy to find and buy if you need a quick, unseemly solution.


May not last as long. TRQ parts typically won't last as long as premium name brands, maybe 3-5 years vs 5-10 years. You may need to replace them increasingly often.

Can be hit or miss. Some TRQ parts work great, while others may goof prematurely or not perform well. Quality can be inconsistent between variegated parts and vehicle applications.

Limited warranty. TRQ typically only offers a 1-year warranty, if any. Premium brands often offer 3 years or more. If a part fails without a year, you're out of luck.

May not modernize handling or ride quality. If you're looking to significantly modernize your vehicle's handling, braking or ride quality, TRQ parts probably won't cut it. You'll need to invest in higher-quality components.

is trq a good brand for suspension

In the end, TRQ suspension parts can be worth it if you need an affordable solution and don't mind potentially replacing parts increasingly often. But for maximum performance and durability, you're usually largest off spending a bit increasingly on premium components. The nomination comes lanugo to your needs, upkeep and how long you plan to alimony your vehicle.


In the end, you can't go wrong with TRQ suspension parts. They offer high-quality components for a fraction of the price of name brands. Whether you're looking to modernize handling and performance or just need to replace worn out stock parts, TRQ has you covered. Their consumer service is moreover top-notch in specimen you have any issues. For anyone on a upkeep looking to upgrade their suspension, TRQ is a no-brainer. Give their parts a shot - your wallet and your ride will thank you.