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Learn about the various wheel speed sensors – ABS wheel speed sensors and rear wheel speed sensors and learn about various tricks to maintain and make the components work at the optimum level.

Wheel speed sensors are the important components of the car and in case you are in search of a safe and efficient option for your vehicle, then you must consider purchasing the right wheel speed sensor. These wheel speed sensors are crucial for your car, particularly in the aspects of the anti-lock braking system control in the balance that provides maximum control in the vehicle’s performance and its reliability in the worst road conditions.

In this Guide, you can find out why wheel speed sensors are crucial, how, in fact, they function, and how to get the most suitable sensor for your car.

What are Wheel Speed Sensors

A wheel speed sensor work is to sense the speed of rotations in each wheel and relay this piece of info to the vehicle’s Anti- lock Braking system (ABS) and traction control. This information is then used to avoid traction loss in the form of wheel lock up during the time of braking and it adjusts the braking pressure on each wheel to ensure the required traction is achieved.


  1. ABS Wheel Speed Sensors: These sensors are very vital for an anti lock braking system The above two are the most common examples of smart sensors. These sensors ensure that if you apply heavy brakes the wheels cannot lock up. ABS wheel speed also assists in monitoring that your driving is equal and does not encounter any obstacles while riding.

  1. Rear Wheel Speed Sensors:  These rear wheel speed sensors enable the detection of the speed of the wheels on the vehicle and relay this critical data to the ABS and control systems. But in case of rear wheel drive, all these sensors could be equally useful in giving the much needed support to your wheel.
Wheel Speed Sensors Work

These sensors operate in such a way that they analyze the rotations of the wheels and relay this single piece of information to the electronic control unit that is present in the cars. The control unit which is in short called ECU continues this data to regulate the pressure of the braking system for your vehicle so as to avail it in efficient and optimum condition to work.

There are further two main types of these sensors including: inductive proximity sensors – those that are magnetic or magnetic-inductive sensors, and the Hall-effect sensors.

  1. Magnetic Inductive Sensors: These magnetic inductive sensors cause voltages similar to the voltage of AC signal that varies directly with the wheel speed. These inductive sensors are constituted of a reluctor, which is also known as a toothed ring, and a magnetic coil is also included. As the wheel begins to rotate, the toothed ring, known as the reluctor, pushes against the sensor which is equivalent to generating a signal for the speed of the wheel.

  1. Hall-Effect Sensors: All of these hall-effect sensors use magnetic field energy to convert operations that are digital signals. These sensors have a small electronic circuitry, or a microchip and a bit of magnet on it. Halting the wheel then initiates this particular hall-effect sensor to scan the variations in the magnetic field and instantaneously produces a digital signal.

Urgency of High Quality Wheel Speed Sensors

For passing the correct values at correct intervals, and for the effective operation of ABS and traction control system, quality wheel speed sensors are required. The above systems can be made unsafe by low quality wheel speed sensors which produce wrong data that cause malfunctioning and unsafe driving for the ABS.

How to Choose Right Wheel Speed Sensor

Here are some key tips to help to eliminate these problems and determine the right wheel speed sensor for you:

  • Compatibility: As you search for any wheel speed sensor, ensure you confirm if your car model corresponds to that particular component. If you find it challenging to identify such aspects, then you can always consult with a mechanic.

  • Brand Reputation:  It is therefore very important to make sure that these particular parts are purchased from this reputable brand which in the market is known to produce quality and reliable products that will last a long time. A high quality wheel speed sensor is capable of collecting a lot of accurate information in comparison to low quality wheel speed sensor. More especially, the lifespan of the high quality wheel speed sensor is longer than that of the low quality wheel speed sensor.

  • Type:  Check if your car employs the Magnetic Inductive sensors or the Hall Effect Sensors and select the component based on your vehicular need.

  • Installation Process:  It should be noted at this point, however, that there are different types of wheel speed sensors, which can be fitted more or less readily. If you are quite certain about your capacity to handle the installation of that sensoor independently, be certain about the tools and guidelines that you require to accomplish this action.

  • Warranty Support: Choose sensors that have warranty support, as a warranty of a component can prove to be valuable when something goes wrong.

Maintenance & Installation Procedure

To achieve the longest life for your wheel speed sensor ensuring that you maintain your sensors is critical. Follow the tips for maintenance & installation procedure for wheel speed sensors:Follow the tips for maintenance & installation procedure for wheel speed sensors:

Manual Instructions: Be specific in paying attention to the guidelines outlined on the manual on how to fit these sensors to your vehicle.

Right Tools: If you have all the requirements in place, it is very simple to install a wheel speed sensor, and perform modifications on it without necessarily destroying other parts.

Inspection: If there are any signs of damages on any of them, it is advised that you replace them as soon as you can. In this case, what you need to do is to perform this step repeatedly by verifying the wheel speed sensors and/or other parts.

Cleanliness of the Area: In all cars, the areas around the wheel speed sensors must always be free of any pollutants and dust. That is why when there are dust particles inside or outside the sensors, it will cause damage if not well handled.

Signals of a Bad Wheel Speed Sensor

  • Light On ABS: If ABS light comes on then this indicates that there is an issue with the wheel speed sensor.

  • Traction Control Damage: When you develop a sense that not all of your vehicle is ground, then you might have problems with your traction control system.

  • Brake System Failure: In the event you find bad performance of your overall braking system meaning the distances taken to stop the car or uneven signals of braking, then this is a sign that should alert you that there is something wrong with the braking system.

  • Noises: It is important to turn your attention to the wheels because if you hear any grinding noises coming out, it can point out that there are problems with your wheel speed sensors.
Wheel Speed Sensor Tester

There is a device that can help find out whether the speed wheel sensor is functioning or not and such a device is known as the wheel speed sensor tester. It is one of the best tools that can be used in diagnosing problems associated with your wheel speed sensor.

Safety: In this tool, ensure that you have deselected your car engine and the car keys ought to be taken out of the ignition of the car.

Connectivity of Tester: It’s important to connect a power source from an ordinarily 12-volt vehicle battery to the electrical connection of the wheel speed sensor and the wheel speed sensor itself after shutting off the engine of the car.

Check The Manual: Incidentally, if you are in doubt over the connection of the tester, the tester should have more information in its manual regarding the output of the sensor, depending on your car. Comparing the readings taken from your car with the manual will help you determine if the sensor is functioning or not.

Purchase Wheel Speed Sensors Online

If you are looking for affordable and reliable wheel speed sensor parts, it's important to choose a reliable source for it. You can purchase these sensors from any brand but choosing them from a reputable source is an essential part. Before buying any product online, always check the product description deeply, testimonials of customers, and privacy & return policies. Visit Auto Parts Outlet for reliable auto parts for your vehicle. 


Q: When should I replace my Wheel speed sensors?

A: Wheel speed sensors are long lasting, the same as the vehicle’s life, but if you notice any sign of damage or indication, it's better to check your vehicle’s manual for further recommendation and specifications. For its good performance, it's essential to check and inspect wheel speed sensors regularly. 

Q: Do I need to consult any mechanic for the installation of a new wheel speed sensor?

A: Installing new wheel speed sensors is very easy if you have the right tools for it. If you are unsure about installing it on your own, you can always consult a professional mechanic for this task.

Q: What are the causes of failure in Wheel Speed Sensors?

A: There are multiple reasons from which these sensors can get damage including the dust around it, electrical fault, physical damage, or some kind of contamination. It's essential to check regularly for better performance. 

Q: Can a failure in the wheel speed sensor affect my engine?

A: Yes, a damaged wheel speed sensor can affect the braking system, and traction control system of your vehicle, which indirectly damages your engine performance and ABS system of your vehicle. 

Q: Which Wheel speed sensors are best for my vehicle?

A: To check if wheel speed sensors are right for your vehicle or not, you can always check your vehicle’s manual, or you can also consult a professional mechanic for this.

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep your vehicle in optimal and efficient condition, choosing the best wheel speed sensor for your vehicle is an essential part. By checking the following facts like compatibility with your vehicle, and sensor types according to your car’s manual, you can make an informed decision. If you keep good maintenance of your engine parts by inspecting and cleaning them regularly, you can keep your vehicle in first hand condition for the lifetime. For buying high quality wheel speed sensors, you can visit the exclusive collection at Auto Parts Outlet