Autos Part Outlet™ New Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit Compatible with 2004-2010 BMW 525i 530i 550i


Autos Part Outlet™ New Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit Compatible with 2004-2010 BMW 525i 530i 550i

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Part Details Quantity:   10 Piece Kit Includes:  (2) Front Forward Lower Control Arms with Ball Joints  (2) Front Inner & Outer Tie Rod Assemblies  (2) Front Sway Bar Links  (2) Rear Sway Bar Links  (2) Front Rearward Lower Control Arms with Ball Joints  TRQ suspension kits are manufactured using premium raw materials and coatings for extended...
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Part Details

  • Quantity:   10 Piece
  • Kit Includes:
      (2) Front Forward Lower Control Arms with Ball Joints
      (2) Front Inner & Outer Tie Rod Assemblies
      (2) Front Sway Bar Links
      (2) Rear Sway Bar Links
      (2) Front Rearward Lower Control Arms with Ball Joints

 TRQ suspension kits are manufactured using premium raw materials and coatings for extended service life. Each TRQ suspension component is designed to be a direct, maintenance-free replacement to the stock unit. To extend the life of your steering and suspension components, TRQ recommends replacing components in pairs, sets, or kits. All products are fit and road-tested in our Massachusetts R&D facility to ensure we deliver on our promise of Trusted Reliable Quality.

Product Features

  • Application Specific Design: No modifications necessary
  • Anti-Corrosion Coated: Enhanced surface life
  • Pre-greased: No additional maintenance required
  • Kitted for Restored Performance: Improved road-feel and handling
  • Install Tip: When replacing steering components, have a professional alignment performed afterwards.  This ensures proper tracking and even tire wear.

    Our steering and suspension components are pre-greased and sealed for long life and do not require the extra maintenance typically required by greaseable versions.

     Item Condition: New

     Attention California Customers:

    proposition 65 iconWARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, go to

    Fits These Makes

    Year Make Model Description
    2004-2007 BMW 525i BMW 525i Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit TRQ PSA60033
    2008-2010 BMW 528i BMW 528i with Dynamic Drive Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit TRQ PSA60033
    2004-2007 BMW 530i BMW 530i Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit TRQ PSA60033
    2006-2010 BMW 550i BMW 550i Front & Rear 10 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit TRQ PSA60033

    Part Interchange

    Brand Label Part Number
    Delphi TC1392
    Dorman 522-443
    Dorman 520-968
    Dorman 524-484
    ACDelco 45D10043
    Dorman 524-483
    ACDelco 45D3419
    Dorman 520-998
    Dorman 520-997
    Delphi TC1393
    ACDelco 45D3371
    ACDelco 45D3370
    Delphi TC1391
    Dorman 520-967
    Delphi TC1390
    Beck/Arnley 1015957
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-967
    Mevotech MS10112
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-997
    Beck/Arnley 1015958
    Beck/Arnley 101-6289
    BMW 31126760184
    BMW 31122347965
    Mcquay-Norris FA4500
    MOOG Chassis Products RK620124
    MOOG Chassis Products RK622141
    MAS Industries CB14233PR
    Precision Driveline 5CB10052
    MAS Industries CB14084
    NAPA 260-5605
    Mevotech MS101203
    Mevotech GS10113
    Mevotech CMS101109
    Mevotech MS10114
    Beck/Arnley 101-5810
    Raybestos Chassis 507-1370
    MOOG Chassis Products ES800478
    BMW 31124046438
    BMW 31122347963
    BMW 31126774825
    MOOG Chassis Products RK641962
    MOOG Chassis Products CK620124
    BMW 31104026720
    BMW 31126768298
    Beck/Arnley 101-5957
    Mevotech MS10113
    Beck/Arnley 101-5632
    MOOG Chassis Products K620126
    BMW 31126760183
    Mevotech CMS10112
    MOOG Chassis Products CK620123
    MOOG Chassis Products K80472
    Mevotech MS101108
    Mcquay-Norris FA4562
    MOOG Chassis Products RK620126
    MOOG Chassis Products K620125
    NAPA Premium 2605666
    Precision Driveline CB10051
    MOOG Chassis Products RK622142
    Mevotech CMS101108
    Mevotech GS10112
    Beck/Arnley 101-5958
    MAS Industries CB14234
    MOOG Chassis Products RK620125
    Beck/Arnley 101-6290
    MOOG Chassis Products K620123
    BMW 31126735996
    MOOG Chassis Products RK641963
    MOOG Chassis Products K750027
    Precision Driveline CB10052
    Mevotech MS101109
    Mevotech MS101064
    MOOG Chassis Products K620124
    BMW 31126760182
    MOOG Chassis Products K750028
    MOOG Chassis Products CK620126
    Beck/Arnley 1016290
    Mevotech MS101110
    Ingalls Engineering CAK620124
    MAS Industries CB14084PR
    BMW 33326767832
    Precision Driveline 2CB10053
    NAPA Premium 2605604
    NAPA Premium 2606773
    NAPA 2606979
    Precision Driveline CB10054
    Mcquay-Norris FA4501
    NAPA 2606773
    Precision Driveline 5CB10051
    Precision Driveline CB10053
    Falcon Steering Systems FCA1086
    Beck/Arnley 102-5958
    Mevotech GS10115
    Mevotech CMS101064
    BMW 31126768297
    Ingalls Engineering CAK620126
    Mevotech CMS101204
    Mevotech GS10114
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-998
    MAS Industries CB14083
    Mevotech CMS10115
    MAS Industries CB14234PR
    MOOG Chassis Products EV800266
    NAPA 2606980
    Mevotech CMS101203
    BMW 31124046437
    Raybestos Chassis 507-1419
    Raybestos Chassis 507-1371
    NAPA 260-5604
    Mevotech MS101111
    Mevotech MS10115
    BMW 31126760181
    BMW 31126765996
    Mevotech MS101204
    Beck/Arnley 102-6290
    Ingalls Engineering CAK620123
    MAS Industries CB14233
    Mcquay-Norris FA3844
    MOOG Chassis Products CK620125
    Mevotech CMS10113
    Mevotech CMS10114
    BMW 31104026719
    NAPA 260-5666
    Beck/Arnley 1016289
    MAS Industries CB14083PR
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-968
    BMW 31126765995
    Beck/Arnley 102-5957
    Beck/Arnley 102-6289
    Beck/Arnley 101-5633
    Ingalls Engineering CAK620125
    Precision Driveline 2CB10054
    MOOG Chassis Products RK620123
    BMW 31126774826
    BMW 33321094210
    NAPA Premium 2605605
    DIY Solutions SUS06885
    DIY Solutions SUS06884
    DIY Solutions SUS07744
    DIY Solutions SUS05427
    DIY Solutions SUS06751
    DIY Solutions SUS05691
    DIY Solutions SUS05692
    DIY Solutions SUS05426
    BMW 31306781547
    MOOG Chassis Products ES800664A
    Mevotech MK80472
    MAS Industries SL14645
    Mevotech MS10895
    Beck/Arnley 101-7108
    RTS 91-99564
    MOOG Chassis Products K201537
    Delphi TC2146
    Mcquay-Norris SL633
    RTS 97-99542
    Import Direct LS03035
    RTS 97-99541
    BMW 3355 6771 937
    Raybestos Chassis 545-1543
    RTS 95-09588-2
    TRW JTS512
    Mevotech MS10864
    TRW JTS1113
    Beck/Arnley 101-5636
    RTS 95-09588-1
    RTS 95-99563-2
    Deeza BW-L633
    Mevotech MS10859
    BMW 31356760985
    ACDelco 45G0447
    Mevotech MS10821
    BMW 32216762403
    NAPA Chassis Parts 265-1656
    NAPA Chassis Parts 265-1657
    Mevotech MS108137
    Quinton Hazell QLS3416S
    AutoZone DG5451447
    MAS Industries SL14061
    BMW 31354014531
    BMW 32106774361
    Raybestos Brakes 5451447B
    BMW 31356769499
    Dorman SL14062XL
    Mevotech MS10860
    BMW 31354014532
    Dorman SL14061XL
    Mevotech MS10820
    ACDelco 46G0447A
    BMW 31356769500
    Dorman 536-002
    BMW 32216756369
    AutoZone DG5451448
    Dorman 536-003
    BMW 32106776946
    MAS Industries SL14062
    Mcquay-Norris SL535
    BMW 31356760986
    Mevotech MS108136
    BMW 32106774347
    BMW 32106777479
    Quinton Hazell QLS3417S
    TRW Steering and Suspension Parts 18750028
    BMW 32216756368
    Raybestos Brakes 5451447
    NAPA Chassis Parts 18750027
    ACDelco 46G0448A
    TRW Steering and Suspension Parts JTS481
    AutoZone SL536
    Raybestos Brakes 5451448B
    TRW Steering and Suspension Parts 18750027
    Raybestos Brakes 5451448
    Mevotech MS10848
    Mcquay-Norris SL536
    Centric Parts 606.34023
    ACDelco 45G0448
    BMW 31306781548
    NAPA Chassis Parts 18750028
    Centric Parts 606.34024
    Mevotech MS10847
    TRW Steering and Suspension Parts JTS480
    AutoZone SL535
    QuickSteer K80472
    Carquest CA602B
    Carquest CA599B
    Carquest CA600B
    Carquest CA601B