Autos Part Outlet™ New Front 12 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit Compatible with 1990-1993 Honda Accord


Autos Part Outlet™ New Front 12 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit Compatible with 1990-1993 Honda Accord

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Part Details Quantity:   12 Piece Kit Includes:  (2) Front Sway Bar Links  (2) Front Lower Ball Joints  (2) Front Outer Tie Rods  (2) Front Lower Control Arms  (2) Front Upper Control Arms with Ball Joints  (2) Front Inner Tie Rods  TRQ suspension kits are manufactured using premium raw materials and coatings for extended service life. Each TRQ...
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Part Details

  • Quantity:   12 Piece
  • Kit Includes:
      (2) Front Sway Bar Links
      (2) Front Lower Ball Joints
      (2) Front Outer Tie Rods
      (2) Front Lower Control Arms
      (2) Front Upper Control Arms with Ball Joints
      (2) Front Inner Tie Rods

 TRQ suspension kits are manufactured using premium raw materials and coatings for extended service life. Each TRQ suspension component is designed to be a direct, maintenance-free replacement to the stock unit. To extend the life of your steering and suspension components, TRQ recommends replacing components in pairs, sets, or kits. All products are fit and road-tested in our Massachusetts R&D facility to ensure we deliver on our promise of Trusted Reliable Quality.

Product Features

  • Application Specific Design: No modifications necessary
  • Anti-Corrosion Coated: Enhanced surface life
  • Pre-greased: No additional maintenance required
  • Kitted for Restored Performance: Improved road-feel and handling
  • Install Tip: When replacing steering components, have a professional alignment performed afterwards.  This ensures proper tracking and even tire wear.

    Our steering and suspension components are pre-greased and sealed for long life and do not require the extra maintenance typically required by greaseable versions.

     Item Condition: New

     Attention California Customers:

    proposition 65 iconWARNING:  This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium (Hexavalent Compounds), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information, go to

    Fits These Makes

    Year Make Model Description
    1990-1993 Honda Accord Honda Accord Front 12 Piece Steering & Suspension Kit TRQ PSA60056

    Part Interchange

    Brand Label Part Number
    ACDelco 45D3168
    Delphi TC941
    ACDelco 45D3169
    ACDelco 45D1009
    Dorman 520-633
    Dorman 520-640
    Dorman 520-639
    ACDelco 46D1010A
    ACDelco 45D1010
    Delphi TC944
    ACDelco 46D1009A
    Dorman 520-634
    Delphi TC942
    Delphi TC943
    Mevotech MK9816
    NAPA 260-5363
    Mevotech MK80324
    MOOG Chassis Products K9816
    Precision Driveline CB60015
    Honda 51450SM4A03
    NAPA 260-5103
    Raybestos Chassis 507-1169
    Mevotech GK9815
    Honda 51365SM4010
    Mevotech MS6063
    MOOG Chassis Products K80323
    MOOG Chassis Products RK80323
    Mcquay-Norris FA4038
    SYD 51365SM4040L
    Mcquay-Norris FA4239
    MAS Industries CA30210
    Mcquay-Norris FA4236
    Honda 51460SM1A03
    Ingalls Engineering CAK9815
    Beck/Arnley 1014333
    Honda 51365SM4040
    Honda 51460SM1A02
    Honda 51355SM4040
    Mevotech CMK80324
    Mevotech CMK9815
    Precision Driveline CB60025
    Honda 51460SM4023
    Autospecialty 08-54206
    MOOG Chassis Products CK80323
    Mevotech GK80324
    Honda 51450SM4A02
    Honda 51460-SM1-A03
    Raybestos Chassis 507-1168
    Honda 51450SM4013
    Honda 51450-SM1-A03
    MOOG Chassis Products X9816
    MOOG Chassis Products K9815
    Mcquay-Norris FA4238
    MAS Industries CA30211PR
    Mevotech CMK80323
    Beck/Arnley 1016031
    Precision Driveline 3CB60015
    MAS Industries CB9815
    MAS Industries CA30210PR
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-634
    Precision Driveline 2CB60024
    Precision Driveline CB60024
    Raybestos Chassis 502-1010
    Mevotech GK80323
    Beck/Arnley 1014332
    MOOG Chassis Products K90122
    Mcquay-Norris FA4038E
    NAPA 260-5364
    NAPA 260-5104
    Honda 51460SM4013
    MOOG Chassis Products RK9815
    NAPA Premium 2605364
    SYD 51355-SM4-040-R
    Falcon Steering Systems FK9815
    Honda 51460SM4A03
    MOOG Chassis Products X9815
    MOOG Chassis Products K9643
    Mevotech MS6064
    MOOG Chassis Products CK80324
    Mevotech MK9815
    Beck/Arnley 101-6032
    Beck/Arnley 102-4332
    Falcon Steering Systems FK80324
    Falcon Steering Systems FK9816
    SYD 51460SM4A03L
    Mevotech MK80323
    MOOG Chassis Products CK9815
    MOOG Chassis Products ES3153
    MAS Industries CA30211
    Beck/Arnley 101-4333
    MOOG Chassis Products EV283
    Centric Parts 623.40001
    Honda 51450SM4023
    Mevotech CMK9816
    MAS Industries CB9816PR
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-639
    SYD 51450SM4A03R
    MAS Industries CB9816
    Mevotech GK9816
    MOOG Chassis Products ES3154
    Autospecialty 08-54207
    Honda 51450SM1A02
    MOOG Chassis Products RK80324
    Falcon Steering Systems FK80323
    Honda 51355SM4030
    Beck/Arnley 1016032
    Honda 51460SM4A02
    Beck/Arnley 101-6031
    Beck/Arnley 101-4332
    Beck/Arnley 102-6031
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-633
    Beck/Arnley 102-4333
    NAPA Premium 2605104
    NAPA Premium 2605363
    Honda 51365SM4030
    Mcquay-Norris FA4237
    Dorman - OE Solutions 520-640
    Raybestos Chassis 502-1009
    Precision Driveline CB60016
    MOOG Chassis Products CK9816
    Mcquay-Norris FA4037
    Honda 51450SM1A03
    MAS Industries CB9815PR
    NAPA Premium 2605104M
    Honda 51355SM4010
    Precision Driveline 2CB60025
    Mcquay-Norris FA4037E
    NAPA Premium 2605103M
    Honda 51450-SM4-023
    Ingalls Engineering CAK9816
    NAPA Premium 2605103
    Precision Driveline 3CB60016
    Honda 51460-SM4-023
    MOOG Chassis Products K80324
    Centric Parts 623.40045
    Mcquay-Norris FA4235
    MOOG Chassis Products RK9816
    Mevotech MS60845
    DIY Solutions SUS05082
    DIY Solutions SUS06647
    DIY Solutions SUS05820
    DIY Solutions SUS05081
    DIY Solutions SUS00145
    DIY Solutions SUS07413
    DIY Solutions SUS07414
    DIY Solutions SUS05819
    DIY Solutions SUS07415
    MOOG Chassis Products ES3154L
    MOOG Chassis Products ES3153R
    Beck/Arnley 101-4102
    Mevotech MK9643
    Mevotech MES3154
    Mevotech MEV283
    Mevotech MES3153
    Honda 51220SM1A02
    Honda 90112SM4020
    Honda 51312SM4000
    Honda 51220S84305
    Honda 51220SM4013
    Honda 51311SM4010
    Honda 90362SF1003
    Honda 51314SM4020
    Honda 51220SM1A01
    Honda 51313SM4010
    Honda 51220SM4003
    Isuzu 5862044840
    QuickSteer EV283
    Carquest CA118B
    Carquest CA119B
    Carquest CA193